WordPress YouTube plugin – debug utility

Version: 1.0
License: GPLv2
Price: Free
# Downloads: 282

Debug utility plugin for automatic imports made with WordPress plugin YouTube Video Post.


Download the plugin from this page and upload the archive from your WordPress website Plugins page. Once uploaded, activate the plugin.


After the plugin activation you should notice a new page titled “Debug” under admin menu of the YouTube Video Post plugin. In this page will be displayed the video import log plus some information about your WordPress website.

Log file access

By default, the plugin will create the access log files into its own directory. If this doesn’t happen make sure you give write access on the plugin folder to allow the plugin to write the log files. The log files will be automatically rotated by the plugin but we advise that you use this plugin only when you want to debug your installation and not leave it running all the time. To stop the plugin simply deactivate it.


  • 1.0

    Initial release