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    Hello Constantin,

    I’m Frometa79. My plugin was working fine. I try to add a 30 Seconds timing for the Automatic Import, (How often should YouTube be queried for playlist updates.) somehow the plugin stop working complete, I remove the code I add to your plugin, and still not working. (I Upgrade the plugin also, and still not working).

    The issue is this: The Automatic Import usually show a red text saying: Is not showing up the yellow box that say: Next automatic update scheduled in 5:12.
    Last updated playlist second.
    Already existing videos will not be imported twice.

    The plugin is not showing me that information any more.

    I did some test with the plugin in a WordPress for test and works fine.

    I need your help to fix this. I sent you my WP access from your support form at Codecanyon.

    Please have a look at my Plugin.


    NOTE: I a ready import 1,175 Playlist, I Inactive 1,173 , now I have 2 Active and still not working.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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