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    #1, the ability to control the embed a bit more based on YouTube’s variables, such as control. It would be nice in the settings to be able to be able to specify controls=0 instead of controls=1, autoplay=1 instead of autoplay=0, and so on.

    #2, the ability to truncate posts after certain criteria is met. For example, when it’s creating the post, if it finds text like ~~~ or —– or _______ in the description, don’t import anything after it. Many YouTubers use content under that for keyword usage, and it looks silly within posts.

    I really need both and would be happy to pay or donate for that custom development. Please let me know. Thanks!


    Sorry for the delay, I was developing version 1.0.8 and forgot to answer your request. My apologies, hope you can understand. Answers below:

    1. The embed can be controlled for the custom post type video, you have a panel with video settings under the editor to do that (you might need to enable it from Screen Options if it isn’t displayed).
    If you import posts as your theme post, unfortunately, this doesn’t apply since all display of videos is managed by your theme.

    2. Just released today version 1.0.8 that implements this. See plugin Settings page, there’s a new option in there that truncates the text based on a given string for all new imports.


    Hey there

    I’m using a auto tweet post plugin which isn’t working against your great YouTube video auto-post plugin.

    Here’s what the developers from XYZ scripts say?

    I think the publish_post hook is not triggering while the post generated.

    Is this something that can be included in the next update?



    You can hook to cbc_post_insert action and add any additional information needed. It passes 4 parameters:

    1. $post_id – id of newly created post
    2. $video – an array containing the video details returned by YouTube API
    3. $theme_impot – if importing for theme (user checked Import as posts compatible with…) this will be an array otherwise it’s false.
    4. $post_type – the post type created

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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